HSKY Trading

About Us

Our Story

"A business is a team, and a family is the strongest team out there."

H Sky Trading, a family-oriented business, places emphasis on distributing a variety of FMCG products suitable for every Bruneian household, we take pride in the management of ensuring the brands are based on the market trends of today.

Our Team

We have a total of 50 employees for the sale and distribution of FMCG products.

Chandrasen Punjabi

Managing Directors

Gobind Punjabi

Managing Directors

Haresh Punjabi

Managing Directors

Our management are proud distributors of well-known brands in Brunei and grateful to serve the community with quality products. It is through ceaseless determination and hard-work that allows us to provide locals FMCG products at affordable prices.

Behind the Scenes

We have a total of 50 employees in charge of the sale and distribution of the FMCG products.

Our Clients

From departmental stores, supermarkets, minimarts and restaurants, our team actively serves over 250 customers at a time, in line with our goal to serve the Bruneian community at large.

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